Biz Dev Questionnaire



This is a list of the things that you want to do. You can access your to-do's via your computer or your mobile device. Note: When you enter data on your mobile device, you will need to refresh your main site. Or, your site will automatically within 5 minutes.

There are two categories: 1. Your target-related to-do's and 2. Your non target-related to-do's.

When you want to add a target-related to-do, you must enter it on the Target Worksheet. When you do, a target icon will appear in front of that to-do on the general To-Do list.

When you want to mark a to-do as completed, click on the blue square in front of the to-do and it will remove it from the list, but will be saved in History. The link for History is in the Footer.

Note: When you delete or archive a target, all associated to-do's will be removed from the To-do list. If you mark a goal on a Target Worskheet as "Achieved" the to-dos will remain since you have the option of creating a new goal.

If you want to add a non target-related to-do, you can enter it directly on the To-Do list.

You can use this list for all your to-do's so BizDevCoach® becomes your home page throughout your day. The more you are aware of your biz dev to-do's, the greater the likelihood is that you will take biz dev action.

You can prioritize your to-do's by clicking on the up/down arrow on the left of each to-do and moving it. It will be very helpful for you to regularly prioritize your to-do's. By doing so you will always be aware of the most important to-do's each day.

If you want to send yourself a reminder email about a to-do, you can select the date. An alarm clock icon will appear to show you that a reminder has been programmed. You will not be allowed to send a reminder on a date that is after the due date.

The due date will default to the date you enter a to-do.

Due dates are color coded. Grey means the due date has not arrived. Green means the to-do is due today and red means the due date has passed.  Make it a practice of noticing the to-do's with red dates and either do them or give them another due date. That way, the red dates will stand out and continue to have meaning. Or you could drag and drop the past due to-do's so they are always at the top of your list.

Note: If you visit BizDevCoach without logging out, you may notice that on the following day, the color-coding will not be correct until you use the site or refresh it. So, if you keep BizDevCoach open all the time, you may want to make it a habit to refresh the site when you return the day after using it.

All new to-do's will be entered at the top of the list.

Note: In order to enter a to-do on your list, you must save it. If you move to another page before saving, you will lose your entry.

When you complete a to-do, check the blue box  . The to-do will be removed from the active to-do list and added to the "Recently completed" section at the bottom of the list. You can return the to-do to the active to-do list by clicking on the checked blue box. The Recently completed section only stores three most recently completed to-do's. All completed to-do's are listed in the History section and can be readily restored.

If you decide that you want to remove a to-do that is not completed, you can send it to the trash by clicking on the trash can icon. Trashed to-do's are also listed in the History section and can be restored as well. 

If you want to defer a To-do, scroll over it and click on Defer. That will move it to For the Future.

Note: You can save and/or print your to-do list. While we will do our best to insure that we never lose your data and we are relying on the servers of reputable companies, there  is always a chance that the data could be lost. Therefore, it is a good idea to save your to-do list by creating a pdf. You can also print your to-do list in case you want a copy and do not have access to the Internet.