Biz Dev Questionnaire


Biz Dev Planner

You will use this form to create your Biz Dev Plan. The Biz Dev Planner is also where you will make changes to your Biz Dev Plan. Since the Biz Dev Planner and Biz Dev Plan are connected, you should read the Tutorial about your Plan as soon as possible.

There is a help button for each question with some guidance about how to answer a question. Be sure to click on the help button for every question because the tutorial may provide you with new information.

Most of the questions provide a fill-in box for the answers. Every time you use a box, a new one will appear so you can have as many answers as you would like.

Be sure to review your Planner frequently. In the early stages of your using BizDevCoach, you may want to review your Planner daily. This may seem to be a burden, but your goal is to increase the number of biz dev ideas for you to consider. Reviewing your Planner teaches you not only what to consider, but also trains your brain to be more aware about biz dev opportunities.

If you have difficulty answering a question, you can skip it and come back to it in a few hours or the next day. Also, you may want to consider enlisting the support of a PlanPal. Check out the PlanPal link for more information. They will provide support on a different part of the plan each week and also provide a wide range of biz dev tips.