Biz Dev Questionnaire


Which organizations do you currently support?

This is where you list the organizations that you have decided are well-targeted and provide access to the participants and members.

Your goal should be to meet as many targets as possible. You should consider being a sponsor of an event or being a speaker.

Remember, the value of an organization is to stay connected with existing contacts and meet new ones. Don't make the mistake of joining some committee that results in your doing a lot of work with little exposure to your targets.

The best committee to join is the membership committee. In that role you can reach out to all your targets in the organization and help them identify the people they know who should be members. Then you can reach out to them to introduce the organization and introduce yourself in the process.

In the role of developing membership, you can also reach out to complete strangers who you think would benefit from joining the organization. Building the organization will not only help you, but it will help the organization as well.

Too often, people are involved in organizations that are no longer good biz dev opportunities but because they support the cause of the organization. Supporting causes is wonderful, but unless the organization is well-targeted, don't include it as a biz dev opportunity.