Biz Dev Questionnaire


Which speeches do you plan to deliver?

Public speaking is one of the most effective ways to meet new contacts. This is where you should list the topics of speeches that you have decided would be worthwhile to deliver.

One obstacle to giving a speech is the fear of being embarrassed. The key to solving that problem is to select audiences that know less about the topic than you do. When that happens, you won't have much to worry about.

Another obstacle is the amount of work it may take to write a speech. Rest assured that it is likely that you will be able to deliver the same speech many times to different audiences and amortize the time it took to create it.

The best way to arrange speaking opportunities is to identify the organizations that cater to your targets and reach out to the program chair. You could simply ask if they invite outside speakers. If they do, you can discuss topics you are ready to present and you can also ask what alternative topics they have an interest in.

When you schedule a speech, be sure to find out if you are allowed to invite your contacts. That way you can use the speech as an offer to your targets.

Remember that the goal of your speech is to get the contact information of your targets in the audience. You must have the contact information so you follow up. The best way to do that is to make an offer of something that is compelling but does not create the fear of making a commitment to you.

Offers could be a copy of your PowerPoint, copies of articles, best practices checklists, invitations to future programs, etc. Don't make the mistake of giving too many handouts. Instead, hold back some of the handouts and use them as offers.