Biz Dev Questionnaire


Is your bio up to date?

Your bio may be an important element of your website, brochures and other business development materials.

You should maintain a comprehensive biography that documents all of the information that will support your ability to deliver the benefits you offer. Be certain to include your philosophies about serving clients, processes, experience, successes, awards, organizational involvement, etc.

Try to be as comprehensive as possible. Don't be afraid of making your bio too long. Your prospects can stop reading when they want to, but if they want to learn more about you, you should make the information easily available.

It is a good idea to include a photo of yourself on your bio. Prospects will feel more connected to you when they see your face.

It may be appropriate for you to modify your bio when you present it to a particular prospect so that you communicate the most relevant information and so that it is customized to meet the prospect's needs.

If you use your bio as a handout when you give a speech. Be sure to include your contact information.

You should review your bio regularly to make sure that it speaks to your constantly- improving ability to serve your clients.