Biz Dev Questionnaire


How do you currently use technology to serve your clients?

This is where you list the technological systems you currently use to help you deliver and to promote your services. Your targets are always interested in your ability to deliver on your promises. One way to convince people that you have the ability to deliver is by having processes that support you. Obviously, technology can provide services that support your ability to serve your clients. The key is describing any technologies that you use that help you be superior to your competitors.

One interesting aspect of technology is that the technology that you use may seem mundane and obvious to you, but very interesting and important to your targets. For example, if you are an architect, demonstrating your designing software may be very powerful in helping your targets see how you have the tools to convert their ideas into reality.

You should list all the technology you use in your business that may prove useful in helping your targets to see how you function and deliver value.