Biz Dev Questionnaire


What aspects of your life that are important to you could be blended with your Biz Dev Plan?

In an effort to be motivated to increase your biz dev effort, it is a good idea to select an aspect of your life that you could blend with your biz dev. For example, if you have children, you might be involved in your local PTA or booster club. If so, (and if your targets are local business owners in the school district) you might consider reaching out to the owners of those local businesses to support the school. That way, you help the school and also meet the business owners. The term for this kind of business development is "Cause-related marketing."

There are many ways to blend your interests with your biz dev. It could be connected to your hobby, or charity or political beliefs. Be careful, however, not to choose an activity that might make some portion of your target market uncomfortable. If you choose hot-button issues, you run the risk of alienating an important segment of your target market.

One of the obstacles to blending your interests with your business development is the discomfort you may have with mixing business and your personal life. In an effort to deal with this issue, you need to consider whether or not your concern is rational. It is common to hold on to beliefs that you may have developed years ago even though the beliefs are not valid.

Remember that if you can comfortably create situations where your personal and business interests merge, you may find the experience energizing as well as effective.