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Referrals In/Out

This is where you document the people who refer business to you as well as the people that you send referrals to. It will show all of the referrals that have occurred between you and your contact. This is a great way to make sure that you are rewarding the people who give you opportunities and vice versa.

When you receive a referral (In) or provide a referral (Out), here is the process:

To start, click on Add new person. A "Person" is someone who has made a referral to you or you have received a referral from them. Then, add a name and click Save. You will be returned to the complete list of people you have added into the system.

Then, click on Add referral under the name of the person who made or received a referral. You will see two fields, "Type" and "Notes."

"Type": In/Out. "In" refers to a matter that came in to you from a contact. "Out" refers to a matter that you referred out to your contact. The default is "Out".

"Note": This is where you should list the name of the individual referred, her/his entity and describe the matter. You could also estimate the financial benefit. For example,
Type: In
Note: Introduced me to Sally Smith of Smith Industries. Possible $20,000 contract.
Type: Out
Note: Introduced her/him to Bill Jones of Jones Industries. Possible contract of $30,000.

Be sure to click on Save.

Remember to edit a referral if it changes from a lead to a closed deal. For example someone could make an introduction to you and you document it as a referral In. When the deal closes, you should edit the entry and document that you received income as compared to just an introduction.

You have the option of deleting a person or archiving them. Archiving gives you the ability to remember prior referral relationships. If you delete them, they will be removed from the Referrals In/Out section. If you archive them you can retrieve them by clicking on Show Archived People.

Now, remember to refer good contacts to your current and potential referrals sources as a way to motivate them to return the favor! Also consider how you could reward your referral sources. The best way is to refer business back to them. But, that is usually not an option that is immediately available, so you should consider other ways such as a gift. Make sure that the gift complies with ethical and legal requirements.

If you want to print your list of Referrals In/Out People, click on the print icon at the bottom of the section.

If you want to print both current and archived Referrals In/Out People, click on the Show Archived People and then click on the Print icon

If you want to download a PDF of Referral In/Out People, click on the download icon and it will download both current and archived People.