Biz Dev Questionnaire



Your BizDevDashboard consists of four sections:

Top of Mind - Your list of sayings, quotes or important thoughts that you want to keep top of mind.

FYI - Announcements from BizDevCoach®

Targets - Your list of the people who you have decided are the most important to pursue.

 To-Do's - The tasks that you want to remember to implement - and you have a due date in mind.

You may want to keep BizDevCoach® open all the time so you can readily see the things that are important to you. If you don't log out, the content will always be immediately avaliable - unless we have updated functionality of the site - in which case you will need to log in.  We will notify you when we update the site with both an email and an announcement in the FYI section.

Keeping BizDevCoach® open all the time will increase your outreach. That's because when you see the things that are important, you will be motivated to improve. And you will be more likely to come up with creative ideas that you really want to implement.