Biz Dev Questionnaire



An important exercise is to anticipate all of the objections that a prospect may have so you can address them before they are expressed (if ever) or as a response to a stated concern. This section provides an opportunity to list many possible responses.

The space for your responses is unlimited so your responses can be complete and powerful. For example, an objection may be, "The cost is too high." One possible response could be, " I know you are interested in the cost, as you should be. Let me share with you how we have come to quote that I gave you. Our goal is to provide the greatest value for you. And while the hourly rate may be higher than our competition, our abilty to be more efficient will result in a lower cost.  May I share with you our processes to demonstrate how our efficiencies will lead to a more rapid outcome?"

It is good to remember that explaining your processes is a very effective way to paint a picture of your ability to deliver.

You should practice responding to objections so your delivery is confident. You need to be proud of your answers and not appear apologetic. You might even respond with a quick smile and a nod that shows you are comfortable with discussing any concerns that may arise.

A good way to review and practice your Objections/Responses is to include them with the information you send to your PlanPal.