Biz Dev Questionnaire


Wish list (of strangers)

This is a place where you can list the names of complete strangers you would like to pursue. It could be the name of a person you have heard or read about - and/or an Entity where you do not have a contact. 

If you have identified a person, you should try to obtain their contact information. If you have identified an entity, you should try to find out the appropriate contact person.

Then you can reach out and introduce yourself and explain your ability to be of service. One strategy is to inquire about the process for getting on their Request for Proposal (RFP) list. An RFP list is a common process used by many companies and organizations to identify possible vendors.

When you have identified a contact, you can decide if you want to add that person to your Target Worksheet list. If so, click on "Promote to a Target."